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The Story of POFA

I a  humble worker of Pakistan movement is devoted to the ideology of Pakistan. I founded Govt. Sayed Altaf Hussain Eye Hospital at KhanPur City, and for my various social activities I received the highest civil award of Sitara-e- Khidmat as Chief Warden Civil Defence Khan Pur soon after the war of 1965, knowing that Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides use is a killer of human life and soil. We started our own innovations on organic farming. It was in the year 1995 when E.M organization Japan discovered us and offered to help us in our humanitarian efforts.

The Pakistan Organic Farmers Association (POFA) was established in 1987, when about 40 farmers from all over the country gathered to find a way to survive. The farmers resolved to "Go Back To Nature" to decrease the cost of their inputs, they began recycling all their organic agriculture wastes.
POFA has set an example of hard work, and through its own innovations created in Pakistan to develop Organic Farming System. The up short of this approach is that POFA Organic Farming System is now recognized in all over the world as the most less labour and capital intensive system of organic agriculture.
This is our own innovation without any advise and help from agriculture department and agriculture extension workers. (Late) Mr. Sadiq Qurashi Editor of Jadeed Zarrat sponsored us and helped us to work under the umbrella of Jadeed Zarrat society. Since that day we are working under the Jadeed Zarrat society. Now being managed after his death by his illustrious son Mr. Nadeem Qurashi.

POFA is a missionary association working on self-help basis without any aid, and help, from all over the world including Pakistan. It is a non-registered NGO working to save humanity on non-profit basis. (Registered as a on farm training Institution in  IFOAM (Germany) directory )
POFA is tackling the above difficult objects with vigour and missionary zeal.

Sayed Asad Hussain
President, Pakistan Organic Farmers Association (POFA)
78.West Wood Colony Lahore, Pakistan.
Voice:+92-42-5421707, +92-42-5419533

Fax: +92-42-5420433

asad@pofa.faithweb.com , assad@paknet4.ptc.pk

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